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I Don’t Want to Hear It

3 Dec

PLEASE!!  For the love of all things bright and beautiful all creatures big and small, turn that awful “music” off!

When did this awful trend start?  Why do people feel compelled to forceothers to listen to their music of choice?  Yeah, yeah, so I know that it kind of started with myspace and it allows people to customize their profiles and blah, blah, snore. 

Here’s the thing: I don’t want to have to mute my computer every single time that it’s blog reading time (which occurs several times a day-especially between the hours of 9-5).  Several times my coworkers have shot me dirty looks when some random song blares out of my computer speakers.  Then I have to come up with some lame excuse, and (believe it or not) sometimes I’m not so fast on my feet.  Witness:

[Achey Breaky Heart blares out of computer speakers as I frantically pounce on my computer to attempt to end the wretched sound of such filth.]
Me: SORRY!!  Sorry.  I’m sorry.
Jack Ass: What the hell was that?
Me:  Er…umm…my computer?
Jack Ass: I know it was your computer.  Why are you listening to that garbage?
Me:  Umm…because…that is to say…I like it.  It’s one of my favorites.  My headphones must have come out of the computer jack or something.  Sorry about that.

That’s right.  Sometimes I have to pretend that I like those awful songs.  And sometimes, the second that I hear the music on someone’s blog, I make the snap judgement to never ever go back and read that blog.  Not ever ever. 

So, fine bloggers of the world, do us all a favor, please turn off the music.  Do it for those of us in Corporate America that don’t want to lose our jobs when we’re wasting valuable company by visiting your blog that we so desperately want to read.