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David Caruso: Douche Bag Extraordinaire

28 Nov

David Caruso is quite possibly the biggest douche bag in the world, and I know douche bags. I never understood all of the hype surrounding him.  I remember when NYPD Blue premiered a hundred years ago.  I was barely out of womb (or in my early teens), and clearly recall that his ugly mug graced the covers of tons of magazine.  Even at that tender young age, I was mystified by his popularity.  He’s a red headed freak, he can’t act to save his life, and he’s not attractive.  How does a guy like him make it in Hollywood?  One of life’s little mysteries.

He decided to leave NYPD Blue to pursue a film career.  Bad move on his part.  That decision was akin to eating fast food everyday because you plan on losing weight.  His film career didn’t go as planned, which was a blessing to those of us that didn’t care for him in the first place.