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Just the Tip Tuesday (11/25/08)

25 Nov

There’s only one thing that I wanted for my birthday on Sunday?  One little thing, that’s all I asked for.  And did I get it?  No, of course not. 

Perhaps, for Christmas, Santa will see fit to stuff this in my stocking:

Patrick Wilson

Oh, Patrick Wilson, please say that you’ll be there to give me some dirty debauched Christmas cheer this holiday season.  Oh, or that maybe you’ll be there to help me bring in the New Year with a bang.

I’ll admit, in the world of wicked hot celebrities, there’s something kind of vanilla plain about Patrick Wilson.  But you know what?  Sometimes I just want something simple.  Plus he has a hot ass.  An ass that you can see plenty of times in Little Children.  Or if you prefer, you can listen to him sing in the movie version of Phantom of the Opera.  But one of his best performances (aside the starring role in my fantasies) was in Angels in America.  Brilliant.  And hot.