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Just the Tip Tuesday (11/04/08)

4 Nov

Two words for you: Gerard Butler.


In case you live under a rock and don’t recognize him or can’t quite place him, let me clue you in.  He was the lead character in 300, rocking the hottest body ever seen on the big screen.  He also crooned away as the Phantom in the movie version of Phantom of the Opera.  He’s Scottish, he’s hot, and even though he made the bad decision to “act” in Reign of Fire (with Christian Bale), mama likey.

3 quick things:

  1. He’s reaching out like that because he wants to grab my hooters.  I went ahead and let him and rubbed my bare chest all over the computer monitor.  I got a really strange look from some of my aisle mates when I did that.
  2. I dream of having him lick the back of my thighs.  So hot.
  3. You’re welcome