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The Catherinette Cocktail Fund

22 Oct

These recent economic times have been turbulent for all of us.  We’re watching what we spend at the pumps (tee hee), cutting our entertainment budgets, and talking ourselves out of that cute pair of pumps that we really don’t need.  Some people have lost their jobs, some their homes.  I feel that sting too, my friends (that’s what she said).

In these trying times, I’m asking you to remember the less fortunate (ie. me). 

My cocktail budget is on the brink of extinction.  And what’s Catherinette without her cocktail?  It’s like Boozy Suzy without her booze, and no one wants to be around Suzy when she’s not drunk of her ass.  Now’s your chance to contribute to The Catherinette Cocktail Fund.  Simply click on the image of the cocktail glass below and remember to be generous…

Hey, and if you need a better reason to donate, let’s not forget that my birthday is coming up.  Lucky for you you still have 32 shopping days until that momentous occasion.