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I feel the need, the need for speed. And by “speed” I mean “to slap Sarah Palin in her stupid f’ing mouth.”

2 Oct

When did this happen to me? When did I become this person that was so interested in politics that I sat down and watched an entire debate? I mean, sure, I majored in Politics in college. But I always knew I would never go into it because it was dirty. I’ve manged to avoid every single debate. Right up until tonight’s.

I’m thinking that I have Katie Couric and Sarah Palin to thank for this. If it hadn’t been for the interview(s) where Sarah Palin was made to look so stupid one wondered how she managed to remember to breathe, I probably would have tuned out. I have to admit, she didn’t come across quite as stupid as I thought she would have. Though I did find it most amusing when she called him O’Biden, and when she said she might not answer the questions as they had been asked.

I might have to take this tactic the next time that someone asks me a question I don’t want to answer.

  • 3D: How do you feel about me?
  • Me: I’m glad you asked that question. Feelings are important. We all have them and one of the things that’s most important is how we feel about Energy. Let me tell you where I stand on that…

Damn it. I think I missed my calling.

Now let me throw out a question to you: is it just me, or when you hear the term Maverick, do you immediately think of Tom Cruise in Top Gun?  I think they’d have a better chance in winning if the ticket looked like this:

Oh, and just to be clear here, I’m not saying that I support Tom Cruise. He sucks ass. Dirty, dirty ass. This is all about Maverick in Top Gun. He gets my vote. And yes, I think Goose would make a much better running mate than Sarah “the pitbull” Palin.


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2 Oct

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