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There’s Still Time…

29 Sep

Okay, people, now it’s time to see how giving YOU are.  There are still 5 days until the big walkathon for Autism on October 4th. 

Foxy and I are wearing our hooker heels and walking the walk for her delightful young son, who also happens to be my godson.  That’s right, bitches, she actually saw it fit to choose me as a the god mother.  How freaking crazy is that??

Now grab your credit cards, and go to the site below to make your donation.  Go!!  Right now.  Trust me, you’ll feel so much better after you do it. 

Catherinette & Foxy: Klass Act

That’s what she said.

Motorboat This

29 Sep

This one goes out to Newmie and Jane Wonder:

They there, bitches.  This set of moobies is brought to you by the leprechaun and the sub at Wegmans.

Did you like the picture?

Did it remind you of the time we spent together on Friday?

Did you tell your friends about it?

Which friends?

Do they know about us?

What did you say?

Do you like me?

This interrogation brought to you by 3D.