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Suck It, Mother Nature

27 Sep

I don’t suck, but Mother Nature does.  She sucks big giant hair donkey balls. 

You know what’s not cool?  The fact that at 6:30 this morning, a massive thunderstorm passed through the area.  Yeah, that blew ass chunks.  It’s hard to sleep when it sounds like the house next door is exploding…for 2 hours.  Stupid Mother Nature.  Oh, and the most fetch part is, that not only was I robbed of my sleep, but my basement flooded too.

Awesome.  Love it when that happens.  On the brightside, 90% of the stuff that’s down there isn’t mine.  A few months ago when my sister and her husband put their house on the market, I offered up my basement as a temporary storage facility.  A year later, their shit’s still down there.  Well, now it’s a little wet (that’s what she said).

Plus I had to clean the floor anyway, guess this will just force me to do it.