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I just got off the phone with Gwen Stefani

22 Sep

I was on a business call and this guy, a manager, ended the call with, “Holla back.”

Very professional.

22 Sep

Sometimes I turn to you and request that you talk me out of making bad decisions.  I consider you the voice of reason and trust that you’ll remind me of the consequences. 

Well, let me say, “Thanks.” For nothing.  No. really, you’re too good for me. 

I don’t ask a lot from you.  Just a friendly reminder from time to time.  In this case, it was to remind me to wash my hair in the morning before coming to work.  Sure, I washed my hair last night before going to bed.  This morning my hair looked like a rat had decided to make a nest out of it.  I figured I could just comb it out and everything would be fine.

It’s now 3 something in the afternoon and it looks like I don’t have running water in my house.  In fact, I look like a greasy freaking Mexican.  Great.  Perhaps on my way home someone will ask me why I’m not out in the fields picking god damned lettuce.

Protected: Burn, Baby, Burn

22 Sep

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