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Walk Now!

16 Sep

People, let’s get serious for a minute here.  You know me for the mocking bitch I tend to be.  What you may not know about me, is that there are times when I do nice things.  In this case, I’m doing some fund raising for my wonderful godson MC Luv.  Young MC is autistic. 

MC Luv is one of the nicest little boys you’ll ever meet.  He’ll shout, “Luke, I am your father,” into a blowing fan.  He’ll repeat entire ads starring Wilford Brimley.  He’ll melt your cold dead heart.  The boy is a gem.

On Saturday, October 4th, Foxy and I are going to be joining Autism Speak’s Walk Now for Autism.  We’re doing our best to raise some money to help in tackling Autism.  Simply click on the link below and take 2 minutes, to either join our team and walk with us, or donate to help us meet our goal. 

Catherinette & Foxy: Klass Act

It’s for a great cause! 

Plus, if you decide to join us, we promise that we won’t mock you…at least not to your face.

Just the Tip Tuesday (09/16/08)

16 Sep

There I was, innocently perusing Falwless’s blog, checking out the comments, and getting ready to post.  Suddenly, I stumbled across this and my jaw dropped to my keyboard.

Catherinette's New "Secret" Boyfriend

Catherinette's New "Secret" Boyfriend

Who was this foxy young thing staring back at me?  Why!  It could be none other than my new cyber crush.  By the look in his eyes, one thing was clear, he wanted me.  Look!  Just look at him!!  He totally wants me.  It’s buried so far down that he doesn’t even know it, but I can see it. 

The question, aside from when are we getting it on, was who is this guy?  Well, my dirty little readers, I’d like to introduce you my new sex object: Ben of No Ordinary Rollercoaster.

Here’s what I can tell you about him:

  • He secretly wants me.  It’s so secret that he doesn’t even know about it.  Until he reads this post and realizes that it’s true.
  • He’s 23.  And you know how mama likes the young ones.
  • He has dogs.  This is a clear sign that he wants me as I also have a dog and I got mine first which means that he got his because I had mine.
  • He’s funny.
  • Did I mention that he secretly wants me?  Again, just look at his eyes.

And you know what the best part is?  Aside from him posting comments on this fabulous blog.  We actually exchanged a total of 3 emails. 

So there you go, people.  He’s hot.  I claim him as my own.  And be gentle when you’re leaving comments as he might, just might, decide he wants to read all about himself (and how much he secretly wants me).