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Holy F’ing God

13 Sep

No, really.  I casually logged into facebook 2 seconds ago only to see a status update from Notebook:

Notebook handed his lady a diamond ring this morning. 🙂

Oh, and based on the comments on his status, looks like he’ll be in town in 2 weeks to celebrate with friends and family.  I’ll totally be the first one to be there and congratulate them.  And by that, I mean that I will stay at home and curse him and his pending nuptials. 

WHAT??  They hardly know each other!  They’ve only been dating for like 37 seconds.  What the freaking hell?  Okay, so maybe it’s been longer than that, but not by much.  I believe that they started dating about one minute after the last time he and I saw each other in November.  You remember that, right?  We ended up making out in my car.

You know what?  I’m that girl.  I can feel it!  I’m the one that they date/screw/whatever, and then 8 months later they’re freaking engaged to be freaking married.  Great.  Congratulations to me. 

I hope she twists her ankle walking down the god damned aisle.

Thank God I’m not the jealous type.