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I’ll Ride That Mustache Off Your Damn Face

8 Sep

People, why are Axe Body Spray commercial so hilarious?  WHY?  Those people over in their marketing campaign should really consider making political ads.  Can you imagine how much better the world would be with images of Sarah Palin singing “bomchickawahwah”, whipping off her glasses, letting down her librarian bun, and grinding up on McCain’s left leg?  All the kids would come out to rock the vote.

But this isn’t about Palin getting all sex bunny as the Republican VP.  Nay, this is about something far more interesting: Axe Body Spray ads. Come on, you can’t go wrong when a commercial includes such fun lines as:

“I’ll ride that mustache off your damn face.”

“On two misdeamenor moving violations for riding a man like a pony…against traffice, how do you find?”

“Merry Christmas to me.  Mama’s got needs!”

So, people, I present you with one of their little mini films.  It lasts about 5 minutes and it’s hilarious.  Please to enjoy.