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Vag of Honor

2 Sep

The other day I mentioned that Foxy was making all sorts of vag jokes.  Not only did she call mine fowl/foul, but she said it had a beak and fathers.

Well, the hilarity continues.  Being the klassy hooker that she is, she treated our friends to some other vag jokes after we had attended a funeral.  Hey, no matter where we are, we can manage to throw in vag jokes AND that’s what she said jokes.  Here are examples of both:

Foxy took a moment to share with us how older folks might make jokes about their own Vageena Davis: I don’t wouldn’t call Madge’s vag dry, but when I fuck her, it coughs.

My TWSS comment came shorty after a girlfriend of ours was talking about how much she hated traffic and would always take the nearest exit off the beltway.  “I don’t care how long it takes me, I get off.”  To which I replied, “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!”

But I digress (I know, shocker)-this posting is actually all about Foxy’s vag jokes.  Throughout the weekend, she continued with her fun for the whole (or should I say, “hole”) family jokes.  Text messages included:

  • I wouldn’t say your vag smells, but when you go to the airport drug dogs attack their handlers.
  • I don’t want to say your vag is hairy, but you got a donor of the year award from Locks of Love.

Wouldn’t you know it?  She didn’t stop there.  She went ahead and left me voicemail messages too.  I’m convinced that she spent the whole (or should I say, “hole”) weekend coming up with her Vangelina Jolie jokes.

Well, friends, do I have a treat for you.  It is with great pleasure that I introduce you not only to the entire list of Foxy’s vag jokes, but to her blog!  That’s right, folks, Foxy has started her very own blog.  So, dear people, it’s time to go ahead and get ready to update your blogrolls!

Introducing, the one, the only (thank God) man stealing whore’s blog: Foxy Luv’s Place, Baby.

Just the Tip Tuesday (09/02/08)

2 Sep

JTTT is all about temptation and tips.  We’re all about presenting you with some tips to tempt you.  Well, you’re in luck, because September’s first JTTT is not only tempting, but tempted.

By now, many of you have heard about a certain actor who has just checked himself into rehab.  His addiction, however, isn’t to drugs or booze: it’s to sex.  That’s right, boys and girls, he likes to get ass.  All the time.  So much, in fact, that he’s threatened his relationship with his lovely wife, Tea Leoni.

So as you admire this week’s hotty hotterton, David Duchovny, think about this: if you saw him, he would probably give you his tip because he likes to give it to the world.  And you, my friends, are part of this world. 

And would you look at that? I even found a picture of him being tempted.  How ironic…