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Just the Tip Tuesday (07/29/08)

30 Jul

Okay, so it’s Wednesday.  Shoot me for having a life and being stuck in meetings all day.  I’m sorry.  Are you happy now?  I’m freaking sorry.

This week I’m combining a Just the Tip Tuesday with a shout out.  It’s going out to Lola who just happens to be in San Diego.  And you know what else happens to be in San Diego?  Comic Con!  That’s right, kids.  Lola is hanging out with all the geeks who like to dress up in full costume.  So this week I dedicate JTT to Lola.  Nothing like doing it with a grown man that’s willing to dress up like a douche bag.  May you find your one true love out there.  And may I suggest that it’s this guy:

After all, you have a good idea of what he’s packing.  Please to enjoy.