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Klass Act

28 Jul

Last night, Foxy, her hub cap (Cheeto Boy), 3D and I attended a little dinner party at Amber’s house.  There was fantastic food, wine a plenty, and klassy dialogue.  Behold a prime example of how Foxy and I klass up the joint:

We were discussing a security guard that used to work with us.  Her secret code name was His & Hers because at first glance it was hard to figure out if she was a man or a woman.  Think Pat from Saturday Night Live.

We always knew that His & Hers had a little crush on Foxy.  This was clear by the way she treated Foxy.  When anyone else walked through the door, Hitler Jr. would demand to see some identification.  She would see these people at least twice a day, and every god damned day she’d pretend that she’d never seen them before.  She did this with everyone except for Foxy.  With her, it was always, “Good morning, Ms. Foxy.  You look very nice today.” or “Good morning, Ms. Foxy.  What say you to sitting on my face.”  Stuff like that.

Last night we were telling 3D all about His & Hers, and here’s how it all came out:

  • Foxy: She always asked everyone to flash their ID badge.  Except for me.
  • Me: That’s because she wanted you to flash your vag.