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A Conversation Between You & Me

23 Jul
  • You: What’s up, Cath?
  • Me: Not too much.  Just getting back from lunch with Foxy and MHKP.
  • You: Oh yeah?  How was that?
  • Me: Awesome, I ate a pork sandwich and the waiter kept listening into our conversation?
  • You:  Why would he do that?
  • Me: I don’t know.  Maybe it’s because Foxy kept yelling about hookers the whole time?
  • You: How is that different from any other time you go out with her?
  • Me: It’s not.  The only difference is that she managed to spill her martini down the front of her dress so she pitched a freaking fit and then fell off her barstool in front of everyone.  It was hilarious.
  • You:  Oh my god!  That’s terrible!  What did you do?
  • Me: I looked down at her and asked, “Did you have a nice trip?”  She flipped me the bird and then kicked me.
  • You: You 2 are so klassy.
  • Me: I know this.  Hey, by the way.  I’m pretty sure that your mom was at the restaurant.
  • You: Really?  How do you know that?
  • Me: Because her car was parked in front of the restaurant.
  • You: How do you know it was her car?
  • Me: Because she had this bumper sticker on it.