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Foxy Strikes Again

18 Jul

Oh that whoring Foxy. She has done it again!  You may remember some of her earlier shenanigans.  Well, she’s struck again!! 

Just this morning she asked to borrow a post it note.  Like the sucker that I am, I assumed that she was actually going to do something work related with it.  Oh how very wrong I was.  Witness her clever handy work.

Wait.  It gets better.  I sent 3D an email at work this morning letting him know what Foxy had done:

  • Me: So that Foxy thinks she’s funny…She said I should take you to it and tell you, “This is who I am.”
  • 3D: As if I didn’t already know that.  Your whoring knows no bounds.  Why do you think I fell for you so fast?

Sweet.  I see an alliance between Foxy and 3D forming.  I’m afraid.