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Just the Tip Tuesday (07/08/08)

8 Jul

It’s Tuesdays, my lovelies, and you all know what that means.  Time to objectify a hot hotty from Hottingham.  This week I hope to recover from last week’s unpopular posting.  I can’t believe that Red was the only one that agreed with my selection.  Boo on all of you.

This week, I give you a fine Scottish lad.  This one shouldn’t come as a surprise to you as I posted an open letter to him way back when I started blogging.  Ladies and boys who like boys, let’s take a look at Mr. James McAvoy.

Kids, if you haven’t gone to see Wanted, you must go now.  There’s lots of action, and several scenes with a hot and sweaty Mr. McAvoy.  He is hot.  Like fire. 

Best Friends Forever

8 Jul

What is the true mark of friendship?  Everyone has their own idea of what friendship really means.  Well let me tell you what it means to me: friendship is about being in sync and sharing things with one another.

Using this definition, Foxy and I are true friends. 

You’ve all heard how women’s periods tend to sync up when they spend a lot of time.  There are plenty of us in this office that bust out the box of tampons at the same time every month.  But Foxy and I have decided to take it one step further.  This time around, we’ve decided to get yeast infections at the exact same time.  We’re such good friends.  We really are.  We might even go out shopping for Monistat together later.  Maybe afterwards, she can get a UTI and we can reminisce about all the fun times we’ve had over a delicious glass of cranberry juice.

That’s right, kids, another yeast infection.  Thank you antibiotics for the UTI.  Thanks for ruining my reunion with 3D last night.  No, really.  It was freaking awesome when he said to me, “You have white stuff coming out of you.”  So hot.  Yeah, I totally wanted lightening to strike me dead in my bed.

Here’s to the yeasties.