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And Where Were You A Year Ago Today?

7 Jul

I can tell you exactly where I was a year ago today.  It’s a very special and festive anniversary, kids.  Know why? Because I was totally hitting it with Notebook.  Sweet, hot, fiery, and probably gay Notebook.  Lord that was a good time.  Sometimes I think it’s a shame that things didn’t work out.  Other times I why on earth I even thought that he was interested.  Sure, his peen wanted me (when he was hammered out of his mind), but that’s about as far as we got.

For those of you nosey readers that want to relive all of the excitement, I’m including the link so you can read all about it.

You know the really super part?  As fabulous as that day was, today is even better.  My encounter with Notebook was totally unexpected, and pleasant.  BUT, today I’m totally going to have cookies with 3D.  He sent me flowers, he’s coming home from his trip, I made a fabulous dinner, and we’re totally going to get naked and bump uglies. 

I’m so klassy.

7 Jul

Oh God.  I’m so freaking pathetic it hurts me.  So 3D and I are wandering into week 7 of our romance, and I’m totally enamored with him.  He’s out of town and we spent 4 hours on the phone last night.  4 hours.  I happened to mention that I loved getting flowers at work.  Guess what?  He sent me flowers at work.

I think my heart might beat right out of my chest.