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Just The Tip Tuesday (06/17/08)

17 Jun

He is now and has always been my number one.  I don’t care that he was caught with a hooker, or that he threw beans at some reporters.  I would do him in a heartbeat.  This seems to be one that a lot of people don’t agree with-and most guys I know don’t understand why on earth I love him the way I do.  I have a picture of him at my desk at work and Lit’l Smokey gets disgusted anytime I show it to him.

We’re continuing with our foreign theme.  Last week we had a Frenchie, this week it’s a Brit.  On today’s very special Brit version of Just the Tip Tuesday, I present to you my secret lover (so secret he doesn’t even know about it), Hugh Grant.

The other night I forced 3D to watch some of “Bridget Jones’ Diary” with me, just so I could drool over Hugh Grant.

You know what?  Catherinette Grant has a really nice ring to it…