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Just the Tip Tuesday (06/10/08)

10 Jun

This mad illness of mine caused me to miss the last week in Make and the beginning of June.  What’s that about?  It has even robbed the general public of Just the Tip Tuesdays.  Unacceptable!  Thankfully, today I’m feeling much, much better.  Sure I ended up having to go in for a ct scan today, and I might end up back in the hospital.  But still-I can’t bare the thought of making you suffer through another Tuesday without some hot hotty to lust after.

Who doesn’t want a hot hotty with a French accent that could melt panties?  I know I certainly want one.  In fact, I’ll take 2-granted I’ll have to wait until I am off bed rest as I’m not supposed to get my heart rate up.

Ladies, and boys who like boys, feast your dirty little eyes on French hotty, Olivier Martinez:

That Diane Lane in Unfaithful is a lucky little bitch.  Oh how I’d love to have a steamy hot affair with this one.  He can dirty talk me with his French accent any day of the week.  Hot.  Like fire.