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30 May

I love the smell of fried chicken, I really do.  I do not in any way, shape or form, however, like it when the smell of fried chicken is eminating from my own body.  Day 5 of Strep Throatathon 2008 is in full swing.  The throat is feeling better, much, much better.  Today, however, I have a different set of challenges.  The sweats and a massive headache.  I cannot stop sweating.  Please, God, just strike me down and freaking end it already.

This process has been somewhat educational.  I’ve learned that there’s a limit to how much time I can spend in my own bedroom before I want to start pulling my hair out of my head.  I’ve learned that when I watch “Love Actually” I end up crying through half of it.  I’ve learned that an all popsicle, sherbet, applesauce diet wears on you pretty quickly.  I’ve also learned that fever dreams are, in fact, real.  I know this because I had some really strange ones.

On Tuesday or Wednesday morning I woke up and flipped over towards the right side of my bed.  At some point in the night I had named that part the “orange zone”.  The left side of the bed is now known as the “star zone”.  Lord only knows what the hell I was dreaming about to split my bed into 2 separate zones, but I do know is that clearly it was some effed up stuff.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to spend some quality time sweating over in the orange zone right now.