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Sunday Musings

25 May

Ah, there’s nothing like a Sunday Pajama Jammy Jam (wow, I can’t believe I freaking just wrote that-I’m so lame) on a holiday weekend.  It’s almost 2:00 on a Sunday afternoon and I’m still in bed.  Technically I haven’t been in bed the whole time since I didn’t get home until 9:00 this morning.  [Notice how I complete leave out the details of why I happened to be out so late.]

There are things to be done!  Shower to be had.  Lawn to be mowed.  Toenails to be painted.  Laundry to be started.  Bed to be made.  Dog to be brought in.  Bag to be packed (long story).  Yet I’m having an awfully hard time dragging myself out of this bed.  My neck is stiff.  I’m tired as sin.  I just want to lay here, rollover and go right back to sleep.

But that’s just not going to happen.  I’m too busy thinking about some exciting stuff.  First, there’s the good part, I only have 2 hours before I put the dog in the car and race off for date number 2 with 3D (Dreamy Dreamboat from Dreamtown).  I have a feeling that I’m not going to be great company because I’m dead tired.  Plus he will get nothing from me.  Not one thing.  Except for maybe a kiss.  Maybe. 

PLUS, my mind is racing with the age old question of, “Should I stay or should I go?” 

Here’s the deal, maybe I’ll go back, just maybe.  But not anytime soon because the whole thing is way too embarrassing and still makes me want to crawl under a rock and die a slow, slow death.  Even though it would be an excellent opportunity to bask in the warmth of severe embarrassment.  But you all know I’m a sucker for these things…and for some reason it all seems like a good idea (perhaps I’ll blame that on the lack of sleep). 

Come on guys, you can totally understand my hesitation for wanting to go back.  I’d probably be way too freaking embarrassed to hold much of a conversation.  My guess is I’d just sit at the bar, stare into my delicious drink that I miss so much and dream about at night and blush the whole entire time.  I’m blushing just thinking about the awkwardness. 

Here’s something that I will say: I did learn a very valuable lesson from all of this.  Don’t write it down if you think it’ll ever get back to you and you don’t want the free world to know about it.  Free world, you’re on notice that you shall now only get high level details on 3D…unless I decide to just freaking tell him about this whole thing.  Don’t see what the advantage of that is, except for my wanting to speed up the whole process of dying under the rock.

Comments are off.  I don’t want to hear it.