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More Bad Decisions

26 Apr

You all know that I make “smart” choices.  Please enjoy my 2 most recent ones:

  1. Agreeing to take my nephew to Day Out with Thomas the Tank Engine.  Imagine several hundred screaming kids all fired up about getting to ride Thomas.  Only it’s not really riding Thomas.  It’s riding Light Rail trains that are so freaking old that they’ve been retired that are being pulled by Thomas.  Weather was gorgeous.  The tantrums were not.
  2. Going out and boozing the night beforeDay Out with Thomas. I had a girl date with Georgia last night.  We went to a place that is named after a number and is near a park in Baltimore.  We had a good time.  We had cocktails.  Then we had wine.  Then there were shots.  Followed by more wine.  And then some Grand Marnier.  And one more shot.  Oh, and there was even more wine at some point.  I left at 2 in the morning.  I had to be up at 7:15.  It was ugly.  Very ugly.