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Fun For The Whole Family

24 Apr

I’ve always had a way with small children.  When I was younger my main source of income was from babysitting.  Okay, that’s a lie.  My parents were really generous and I had a very large allowance.  However, I did babysit a lot as I was fond of kids.

Here we are years later and I have none of my own.  I do, however, have Damien (3) and Lucy(fer) (1), my nephew and niece.  I love them dearly and have found that being with children in your family can be more fun/frustrating than with other people’s children.  One of my favorite things to do with them is corrupt them.

Here are a few things that I enjoy teaching them:

  1. The appropriate response when someone asks them why they’re so cute.  What’s the response?  Botox!  Imagine the sheer horror the next time someone asks, “How’d you get so cute,” and your 2 year old nephew says, “Botox!”  It’s gold!
  2. The joys of Fabreze.  Mmm…smells so good.  Tastes even better.
  3. How to say cute things.  For example, I’ve just taught my year old niece how to whisper, “I see dead people.”  It’s hysterical.  Now, if only I could get her to go up to strangers and say it.
  4. The appropriate way to respond when daddy won’t buy them that new toy.  The right thing for them to do is walk up to a complete stranger and say, “Daddy hits me.”  They’ll get they’re way every single time.
  5. Oh, and let’s not forget giving them iced coffee.  Kids love iced coffee!  See?  Here’s Lucy(fer) enjoying hers.  Mmm…caffeine and sugar for a one year old.

Let me know if you want me to come over and babysit your kids anytime soon.

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24 Apr

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