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Do it!

23 Apr

I just learned the coolest trick EVER!!  Now I will share it with you:

Press the Alt and F4 keys at the same time.

When Bad Days Happen to Good People

23 Apr

There are 3 indicators that this is going to be a very bad day:

  1. I sauntered into the office 30 minutes late today because we had been told that all the managers were going to be in an off site meeting today.  Turns out that the “off site” part was cancelled and now it’s just being held by conference call.  Yeah, everyone knows I was late now.  Super.  Great.
  2. My contact lenses are all jacked up in my eyes.  They keep swirling and twirling about so everything looks blurry.  Add that to the very high heels I’m wearing and it might lead to some terrible humiliating disaster in the cafeteria.  Goody.  I can’t wait until lunch time.
  3. What happens when you submerge your shiny red ipod into a cup of coffee?  It stops playing.  Shit.  I totally ruined my freaking ipod!!  What are the freaking odds?!?  It had to fall directly into the coffee, right into the blasted cup.  Why??  WHY??  Ugh, my beautiful cherry red ipod. 

I should just call it a day and go back to bed.


You Whore!

23 Apr

God, I’m so mature.  I really am.  I’m in the middle of IM’ing a friend of mine and I swear the conversation goes like this:

  • Me: What’s up, whore?
  • Her: You’re a whore.
  • Me: Prove it.
  • Her: Bite me.
  • Me: Whatever.  I’m so cool.
  • Her: Yeah, for a whore.
  • Me: It takes one to know one and you know them all.

We’re talking a good 5 minutes of carrying on like this. 

If only we added some fart jokes and played Halo 3 with one another, then14 year old boys all over the country should be proud.