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Things You Need

22 Apr

When some of my girlfriends decided that they were going to leave Corporate America to sell Arbonne, I thought they were out of their minds.  If you’ve never heard of the company before, you’re living under a rock.  Think Avon for a new, hip generation, and all organic products that you actually want to have.  Being the nice friend that I am, I hosted a few parties.  Then, I did something unexpected, I fell in love with the stuff!!

I’m a total convert now.  I am an Arbonne girl.  I have been ever since a girlfriend of mine talked me into trying out the mascara.  It’s been 6 years and I refuse to buy any non-Arbonne mascara.  It’s excellent and I love it.  They have this kick ass anti-aging line called NutriMinC.  I like to buy the eye cream like it’s going out of style.  Oh, and the shampoo!  You need it and you have to have it.

You couldn’t pay me to sell the stuff because it would require me to actually go out and network, and I then I’d have to do work at home.  For me “work from home” would include watching repeat episodes of Law & Order SVU and drinking peeptinis.  I wouldn’t have time to do any networking and build a business.  I will, however, tell you this: you need to peruse the fine products. 

If you’re local, it’s worth hosting a party. 

You Freaking Tease!

22 Apr

We’re entering week 3 of my foray into on line dating on  It’s been a wild ride.  And by “wild ride” I mean “mostly worthless but having some entertainment value for the masses.” Over the weekend I received an email from a guy that has no picture on his profile.  Typically, these are immediately deleted as I’m afraid it’s going to be a one eyed purple people eater or something.  I made an exception for this guy because he is British.

I am an anglophile and it’s my dream to have some hot British bloke talk dirty to me with his hot sultry accent.  I bite.  I send him my email address and he sends pictures.  Guess what?  He’s hot!  “Score!” I think to myself.  “Finally, my dreams of a dirty shagfest are coming true.”  I respond to him, and ask him to tell me more about himself.  I end the exchange with, “If you tell me you have an accent I’m putty in your hands.”

His response?  No response.  I never heard from him.

Know why he never responded?  Because I thought that something might come out of it!  See, once again reinforcing my theory of magical thinking.

Just the Tip Tuesday (04/22/08)

22 Apr

I’m tired.  Tired as [insert something really funny right here].  Work with me, people.  I got about 4 hours of sleep last night as I was in NYC all day yesterday and we didn’t get home until late.  Very, very late.  Yet I’m dedicated and ready for another Just the Tip Tuesday.  Frankly, it’s the only thing that got me out of bed this morning.

How could you say no to a body like this?  Reese Witherspoon is a lucky, lucky woman.  Ladies and boys that like boys, let me present to you Jake Gyllenhaal.

And those eyes!  Know what they say to me?  Dirty, dirty things that aren’t fit to print.