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My Big News

1 Apr

I’ve done something that I hadn’t written about.  Mainly because of the mocking that would ensure if I had written it down.  The time has come.  Remember back at the beginning of the month when I saw Mr. Yellow Mustang?  What I declined to mention was that we ended up back at his house, naked, sweaty and out of breath.  I promptly got dressed, got out of there, and didn’t pick up the phone when he called me a few days later to see if I wanted to “get together”.

It’s been almost a month, and for the last 2 weeks there’s been a. . .um. . .let’s just say that it burns when I pee and it itches.  This morning when I launched my work email from him, there was a message: 

Hey, Catherinette.  How r u? i tried to call u a fewe times.  i was realy hoping to talk with you about this over the phone butt you haven’t returned my calls.  i went to the the dr and he says i have gonorrea.  u should probably get tested.

He went on to talk about stupid crap like whether I was going to be at the next volunteer event on Sunday (uh, no), and if I had made any summer vacation plans yet.  Yeah, great.  Listen, thanks for letting me know that I chose to hit it with someone with the clap.  No, really.  Happy New Year to you and thanks for all the chit chat.  Seriously, I hate you.

I picked the wrong f’ing week to stop f*ing swearing. 

Just freaking kidding!  Come on now, don’t you think I’d totally tell you if I had gotten some?? Happy first of April.  I know there are probably 4 of you that fell for this and the rest of you were on to me.  Know what? I don’t care.  As long as someone fell for it I’m happy.

Just the Tip (04/01/08)

1 Apr

Welcome to a very special edition of Just the Tip Tuesday.  Today we post the first hotty of the April month.  Ladies (and boys who like boys), he is mine so step off.  Sweet, sweet Blair Underwood.  Mama has had a crush on him since way back when.

He’s sizzling hot in every single thing he’s in.  Even when he played that creepy child molester in Just Cause (great movie).  Hot.  I would like to have.

Click It!

1 Apr

People, let’s stop playing these little games.  Shall we?  I need you to just go ahead and add me as your facebook friend, and then your myspace friend.

Come on, you know you want to.  I need you.  I have to have as many friends as possible to feel loved and popular.  Do it for me, won’t you?