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Just the Tip Tuesday (03/25/08)

25 Mar

In just a few hours I’m off to the land of sunshine and old people.  Though you’ll all be left behind to suffer in this cold freaking ass weather (except for those of you that live in warmer climates), I didn’t want to leave you hanging on Just the Tip Tuesday.  Notice it’s the crack of dawn and I woke up just a few minutes early to make sure you had your posting.  You mean that much to me.

Let’s all take some time to admire a Baltimore local boy: Edward Norton.


Soon you’ll all be able to enjoy him in “The Incredible Hulk”.  I highly doubt, however, that his body will be as smoking hot as it was in “American History X”.  Holy Mary mother of the tiny sweet baby Jesus!  His body was so hot that it should have been illegal. 

48 Minutes

25 Mar

48 fucking minutes.  That’s how long my neighbor’s house alarm has been going off.  Why doesn’t someone turn it off??  I have a pounding headache from listening to


for 48 minutes.  It’s not a soothing sound.  Apparently, it is the sound of the last of my nerves snapping.  I’m about 2 minutes away from walking over there and setting the whole freaking thing on fire.