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Ha-peep Easter!

23 Mar


Peep it real!

Featured in the picture above is the pineapple peeptini.  Mmm. . .delicious!

Catherinette’s Pineapple Peeptini Recipe:

  • 1 oz Limoncello
  • 1 oz Vodka
  • 1 oz pineapple juice
  • 1 peep

Mix up all the booze in an ice filled shaker.  Pour it into a martini glass.  Float the peep!  You know, a booze soaked peep tastes pretty freaking good.


23 Mar

No doubt you’ve seen the recent headlines about a certain Governor getting busted for planning some illegal activities.  What you may not know is that he has been caught on film with a klassy young lady!  Before you click to see the graphic photos, here’s the background story:

New Peep City Governor, Eliot Speeptzer, was accused of consorting with Ashley Dupeep.  Ms. Dupeep is an employee of the Emperors Club VIPeep, an escort service specializing in high class peep girls.  Early this afternoon, Peep-le magazine broke the story that there was a hidden camera in the hotel room where Speeptzer and Ms. Dupeep engaged liaised. 

The incredibly graphic photographs have found their way into my little hands.  You’ve got to see them!  They are insane!!  Note that the film is a little bit grainy, but you’ll be able to clearly see what’s going on.

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Sick Singleton in the City

23 Mar

What’s a sicky to do on a Saturday night?  Let me give you an idea. . .


Here’s a little tip for you: pass on the generic Nyquil before the peeptini.  Trust me on this one.  The peeptini is quite potent and could probably do the same thing as the generic Nyquil.  Combining the 2 and going out in public could probably lead to some bad decisions and a case of the clap.  Thank goodness that I’m at home alone.