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My Throat = Sore

20 Mar


Why must my throat hurt?  WHY??  It’s a 3 day weekend and I have plans which require not being sick!  God freaking damn it.  I hate having a sore throat.*  Boo!!  Why can’t they invent medicine that actually works-and doesn’t taste like burning or nastiness?  We’re in the 21st century now, you’d think that we would have something potent by now. 

I want to go home, crawl in bed and go to sleep until it’s not sore anymore.  Instead, I will sit here and “work” and then leave to go pick up Un-boyfriend at the airport. 

Poor, stupid Un-boyfriend.  He went off on a dream skiing vacation to Utah on Monday.  On his first run down the mountain on Tuesday, he ignored a sign that said “Caution: Cliffs Ahead.”  Then he blew out his knee.  He had to cut his trip short and needs help with all of his crap since he’s now injured.  Too bad he spent tons of money on new skis, and a helmet (which should say “I ride the short bus” on the side of it). 

Tomorrow I’ll be taking him to his doctor’s appointment-which will suck as I’m sure I’ll still be feeling like crap.  Where’s his girlfriend when he needs her? (And yes, she totally looks like that.)


*No, Claude and Lola, I do not want a shot of vitamin BJ to make it feel better.


20 Mar

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Float the Peep

20 Mar

You all know how mama loves her cocktails.  If there’s a reason to have one, I will find it.  It just so happens, that this weekend I will try something new (no, I’m not talking about the 7 Diamond Hooker Hot Carl).  What’s so new and magical?  The peeptini!  That’s right, boys and girls, the peeptini.  It involves mixing my beloved booze with marshmallow peeps. 

Foxy Luv was kind enough to find the recipe for me and if I had peeps at home right now, I’d be drinking one as I write this. 

Peeptini Recipe:

  • 1 oz Limoncello
  • 1 oz Vodka
  • 1/2 oz Sour Mix
  • 1 peep
  • Tang for rimming the glass

Mix all of the liquid ingredients in the glass.  Rim a martini glass with Tang (that’s right, I said “rim”).  Pour boozy beverage into glass and float the peep.  Float the peep!  For some reason, that cracks me up.  Maybe the wine I’ve been drinking makes that funny.  Float the peep.