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For Me to Poop On

12 Mar

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is funny to me.  His strange little accent, his sarcasm, his sharp wit, and that fact that everything is perfect. . .for him to poop on.  Such as those 7 diamond hookers that Spitzer was interested in.

What, exactly, does a 7 diamond hooker do that a 1 diamond hooker won’t?  This was the focus of my lunch conversation with Disney and Foxy Luv this afternoon.  Our conclusion: a Hot Carl.  Why on God’s green earth someone would throw perfectly good money away so some hot klassy broad would poop on him or allow him to poop on her is beyond me.  There is absolutely no reason for that. None.

Then our conversation took a disturbingly strange turn: what are the lengths we would go to to save the lives of another?  Foxy, being the good friend she is, would allow someone to give her the Hot Carl if my life was in jeopardy.  When she asked me what I would do, this was my response, “I would give a very touching eulogy at your funeral.”  She was not amused.

Disney didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.