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Riddle Me This

11 Mar
  • 1400(ish) employees
  • 4 buildings
  • 1 cafeteria
  • 4 cashiers
  • 6 microwaves in the cafeteria

Who did that fucking math? 


Just the Tip Tuesday (03/11/08)

11 Mar

Happy Tuesday!  We’re back for another installment of Just the Tip Tuesdays!  Today’s feature is young, but of age.  You can catch him in the new Indiana Jones movie, or pop Transformers into your DVD player.

I present to you, Shia LaBeouf.  Mmm. . .hot!


Plumbing Problems

11 Mar

My stupid fucking toilet has been running for 11 minutes.  What the fuck??  I got up to check it about 5 minutes ago and thought it was almost done.  Nope, still going.  It’s like an old man trying to take a pee…it just dribbles out a little bit and doesn’t accomplish much of anything.

Damn it, I’m going to have to get out of bed to go and check the god damned thing.

Stupid fucking thing.  I need a new toilet tank.  What a big huge waste of money.  I freaking hate spending money on stuff like that.

On a side note, my stupid neighbor kid is outside of her house with some friends jumping on the trampoline.  Um, it’s 9:00 PM on a school night.  Shouldn’t they be in bed?  Not that her mother would care as she’s probably surfing some trailer park trash chatroom looking for another “great” guy to date.  God they’re loud.

Oh goody!  The toilet finally stopped running.  Thank goodness because now I can hear Miss Travesty and her little friends clearly.  Happy happy joy joy.