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More to Come

6 Mar

The things I do for you kids.  Really, I love you guys so much that I decided to respond to the creepy facebook guy.  He, of course, proceeded to write an even dirtier message.  One that I shall not post while I’m at work for fear of immediately getting fired. 

The Idea of Progress has seen it and he can vouch for it’s grossness.

Protected: Wow! Look at You!

6 Mar

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I [Liquid] Love You

6 Mar

I can’t resist the Lemongrass Cocotini, and neither should you.  As Muffy says, the cocotini is “liquid love”.  And guess what?  This girl could use some lovin.

I know that it has Cruzan Cocoa, lime juice, and lemongrass syrup.  If only I could figure out what the hell lemongrass syrup up.