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New Feature

4 Mar

I present to you Just the Tip Tuesdays as inpsired by this post.

This week’s celebrity hotty who I would let “tip” me:

With eyes like that, how can anyone say no?

Facebook? More like F*ckbook

4 Mar

People, I have an exciting announcement to make: I have started receiving creepy messages on my facebook page!!  Woo hoo!  For those of you that are slight addicts of facebook (such as myself), you’ll know that people can invite you to add different applications to your profile.  The are are a bevy out there and long story short, I added one called “Are You Interested”.  This application shows you pictures of different people and you can click yes/no as to whether/not you find them attractive.  It’s stupid, I know, and yet I couldn’t resist.

A few weeks ago this cutie from London said he was interested, I clicked that I too thought he was cute, and the next day I had a friend request from him.  Harmless, right?

Then the messages started. . .

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