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The Tang ‘Stang

3 Mar

Guess what I held in my hot little hands on Saturday?

I’ll give you a hint: it’s related to Mr. Yellow Mustang and really puts the “Mustang” into Mustang Sally.

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Mmm. . .Cocotini

3 Mar

Dear people of Baltimore and the blogosphere, you must immediately (if not sooner) make plans to go to Lemongrass in Baltimore (Yes.  I know the link takes you to Annapolis website but it’s the same menu.  Just read the menu and then google the Baltimore address.  Just listen to me this one time!). 

Muffy, Lola, and I went on Saturday night and I’ve been dreaming about it ever since.  The food was so good that once we were through with our entree, we decided to order dessert.  For our dessert, we ordered a 4th entree.  Yeah, you read that right.  Then when we were done with that, we went ahead and ordered dessert.  Lord only knows how I managed to get up out of my seat after all of the food.  Talk about food coma.

Plus, they have the most delicious drink on the face of this earth-the Lemongrass Cocotini.  We went ahead and had a nice sampling of the drink menu.  We tried 7 different coctails and settled on the cocotini as the most delicious one.  I literally licked the last drop out of the glass.  I could drink a bathtub full of the stuff.  All I would need is a straw.