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Ash Wednesday

6 Feb

This year for lent I have decided to give up blogging.  I’ll talk to you all after Easter.

Just kidding.  I would never do that to you.  Instead, I’m going to give up men.  Well, really, they’ve given up on me so it’s not much of a sacrifice-it’s more just like a blow to my self esteem.   No postings about boys for 40 days.

A Question for All Humanity

6 Feb

Can someone please explain to me why on earth this show is on the air?  It is GOD AWFUL!!  Lord only knows what possessed me to put it into my netflix queue, but I did it.  I watched 3 episodes last night-because I was hoping that the show would get better.  Unfortunately, it did not and I found myself fast forwarding through the bulk of it so I could make my 11:00 bed time.  Sadly, Netflix has already sent out the 2nd DVD in the series.  Damn it, a wasted DVD that will immediately get returned without being viewed.

Here are my main gripes with the show:

  1. Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry the VIII: Honey, it’s time to just come out of the closet.  Seriously, JRM has to be one of the biggest mo’s that I’ve ever seen.  I don’t buy that he’s this super hetero king that sleeps with any woman.  Bad casting.  I find that he’d be far more attracted to the guy that plays the Duke of Suffolk (he is steamy hot).   I love the gays, I really do, but I just don’t care for JRM.  If you put Rupert Everett in the role, I would love every second of it because he is both fine and an excellent actor.  Johnny boy bores me to tears and he creeps me out.
  2. It’s Historically Inaccurate: People, I’m an anglophile-everyone who knows me knows this.  I should have been born a Brit, really, I should have.  I have taken it upon myself to learn about British history from valid historical sources.  I have read The Other Boleyn Girl and I, Elizabeth; I have seen Elizabeth; Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and even the HBO Elizabeth I series starting Helen Mirren.  I have been to Hampton Court Palace, seen the traitor’s gate at the Tower of London (you may not think that’s significant but when they show someone pulling up to what’s supposed to be traitor’s gate and totally isn’t, it makes me mad).  Plus, then when they show an execution that supposedly takes place at the Tower of London, it’s all wrong.  There were only 7 people executed on the grounds, all the rest were executed on Tower Green/Hill, but the movie shows them being executed directly outside the walls of the Tower.  WRONG!!  I know my history people!
  3. All The Women are Dirty Ho’s: Um, seriously, really?  Does he have to sleep with everyone?  All of them?  Can’t there be 2 chicks that keep their clothes on?  Oh, and let’s not forget that I can’t get over the fact that deep down inside I know that Johnny Boy would rather be doing one of his little mates instead of any of the ladies in waiting.

Ugh, bad show.  Don’t watch it.  Stupid.  Bad.  Yuck.