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Wal-mart = Suckrageous

5 Feb

Why are the shelves at Wal-mart always bare?  Why?  It looks like people are preparing for a hurricane or a nuclear holocaust and are stockpiling everything.  Seriously, it looked like the shelves hadn’t been stocked in about 6 weeks.  I freaking hate that place with a fiery passion. 

Yesterday, against my better judgement, I decided to go check out the new Super Wal-mart to see if I might be able to save some money by buying a few things there instead of at my favorite place on earth, Wegmans.  Not only did Wal-mart not have half the things I needed (probably due to the fact that people that shop there are hoarders), but the stuff they did have wasn’t that much cheaper.  Take for example Cherry Coke Zero-Wal-mart wanted $3.98 for a 12 pack (highway robbery), while my good friend Wegmans was charging $3.00.  I went home without any deliciously sparkly beverage.  And how about the medium sized kitchen garbage bags?  Apparently the people that shop at Wal-mart have no need for this size as there were only tall ones there.  Not even a god damned small kitchen garbage bag!  The nerve of these people! 

Lesson learned: avoid Wal-mart at all costs.  I’m far to pipiris nice to shop in a place like that.  Unless Hugh Grant or Patrick Wilson are yelling my name from the bowels of the store, you can’t make me go back there.  You just can’t.