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30 Jan

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30 Jan

What is it about those little toiletry bottles in hotel rooms that instantly turn me into a horder?  Why do I need all that shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and mouthwash?  It’s not even little bottles of booze we’re talking about!!  When I arrived at the hotel the other night, I immediately took the lotion and jammed it in my purse, knowing full well that the next day housekeeping would have to give me a new one.  This morning I was about to do it again and stopped myself.  I have about 400 mini bottles at home and about 40 in my handbag (no wonder it weighs 2 tons), I don’t need another one.

And let’s talk about hotel showers.  It’s always a 50-50 shot as to whether the shower is going to be any good.  I was exceptionally pleased when I turned it on and saw that there was excellent pressure!  The temperature, however, was not so great.  It seems to only have 3 settings: freezing cold, scalding hot, and skin-blistering hot.  Good times, good times.