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Protected: A Special Birthday Shout Out!

20 Jan

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And The Wise Fashion Sense Continues

20 Jan

Today I’m proud to report that I am not the one that made the terrible fashion choice (granted, I am wearing a fleece that has too short sleeves).  Let me describe my mother’s outfit today.  It’s hot, people, get ready to fan yourselves when you read this-and you’ll probably see something similar gracing the pages of Elle or Vogue next month.  She truly is fashion forward.

Just hours ago she walked into my sister’s house wearing a pea green fleece with a pair of grey sweatpants, black socks, and chocolate brown berkenstocks.  No!  Wait!  I know that it’s a hot outfit on it’s own, but there’s more!  She matched it with her zebra print over-sized bag and her mink jacket.  Wicked hot.  I might have to wear something similar on my next date.  Lord only knows how the single men aren’t knocking down the door to sweep her off of her berkenstock-clad feet.