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Protected: My Wise Fashion Choice

18 Jan

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I’m So Talented!

18 Jan

You will never in a million years guess who wrote to me.  NOT EVER!!  Go ahead, take a guess then keep on reading.  Bet you anything you’ll guess wrong. . .

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Behold. . .

18 Jan

People, I would like for you to admire the delicious hot cocoa that I will be enjoying tomorrow at Stone Mill Bakery.  Mmm. . .melted homemade marshmallow on top.  Only 24 hours to go!


On a side note, I made the most delicious dinner last night.  It was so freaking good I almost wept.  Seriously, delicious!  Should you feel the need to make a tear inducing dinner tonight for yourself, or to impress yourself, here’s the recipe for Mustard-Roasted Chicken with Vegetables.  It’s totally worth the 15 minutes it takes to throw everything in a roasting pan.  Mmm. . .so good!