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Go Green

17 Jan

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of receiving junk mail.  Between all the stupid credit card offers and the catalogs, my recycling bin is getting awfully full.  I was listening to NPR this morning (I’m so smart) and they ran a piece about how to make the torture end!!

Go to the Catalog Choice website, sign up for the free service, and save some trees. 

To stop the credit card offers, you can go to Opt Out website.

You’ll feel better. . .trust me.  It’ll take you 5 minutes and it’s time well spent.


17 Jan

Yesterday evening, Un-boyfriend received a phone call from his father.  His father has had trouble with his heart for years now, and recently underwent surgery.  About a month ago, he noticed a lump near the incision.  He thought it was scar tissue, and made the decision to get it checked out.  The test results came back yesterday: he has breast cancer.

He goes in for more testing on Monday.  Hopefully, he’ll be in the early stages.  Being the pessimist that I am, however, I’m afraid that it’s more advanced.  I worry about what kind of treatment they’ll be able to give him with his bad heart.  It’s so risky for him to have any surgery at this point.  Every time they put him under there’s a fear that his heart will stop, and they won’t be able to restart it.

Then I started thinking about Un-boyfriend’s mother.  She and her husband have been together for over 40 years.  How do you go on when the partner that you’ve been with for most of your life just isn’t there anymore.

There’s nothing that scares me quite like cancer does.  It took 3 of my grandparents, and my friend when she was only 34.  It’s terrible to think that it just eats you alive-and, in some cases, there’s little or nothing you can do to stop it.