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7 Jan

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Start Spreading the News

7 Jan

We’re leaving on Saturday.  We want to be a part of it, New York, New York!!  This Saturday, Lola and I are headed up to NYC to go check out Spring Awakening, again.  It’s a superb show and I’m looking forward to our 2nd row seats, though I’m somewhat afraid that the lead may spit on us as he has a tendency to shower the audience with saliva when he’s singing.  He really likes to enunciate I guess.

Anyway, guess what we’re doing for brunch, my friends?  The lovely, Lola and I are going to be enjoying some fine cocktails and food at Cafe des Artistes.  Oh how I hope the girls from Gossip Girl will be there and that we can brush elbows with Blair and Serena.  God I love those bitches.  Even if they can’t make it I know we’ll have a splendid time because we’re going to have special guest stars with us. 

Any guesses?  I’ll give you a hint: on is small and smokey and the other one is young little tart. . .  That’s right, kids, Lola and I are having brunch in NYC with Lit’l Smokey and Baby Tramp.  Should be both magical AND festive!

You can all expect a report when we return.  I hope that my report includes details on how he had to feed her her bottle and then burp her at the table.  That would be so hot.