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Award Season

4 Jan

It’s my favorite time of year: award season.  All of the wonderful awards shows are coming, with the culmination at the end of February with the Oscars.  Oh how I love to watch all the hubbub (I can’t believe I actually used that word) and see what everyone is wearing on the red carpet.  But who needs that crap when they can have this:

That’s right, bitches, mama got her first award for 2008, thanks to my secret lover, Pistols at Dawn.  What makes me even happier is the fact that he granted the award to be because I leave him thinking about my rack.  That is the power of the great Catherinette Singleton Rack: people that have never seen want to touch it.  Imagine the power it holds once you have actually seen it!

Now it’s my pleasure to bestow this extremely prestigious blogging award to 5 other magical and festive bloggers.  Here goes.

  1. The Idea of Progress: because he makes me think dirty thoughts AND because he shares my addiction to facebook.  Go, facebook!
  2. Cinnkitty at Pink Piddy Paws: she’s amusing to me and know one can tell stories about crack whores like she can.
  3. Misstress M: hello, just visit her on Naughty Tuesdays and you’ll see why.
  4. Mister Underhill: because he makes me think. . .about his peen.
  5. Finally, I’m going to have to send it right back to Pistols at Dawn.  I’m sure this is totally against the rules, but look at my face-this is me not caring about the stinking rules.  Just read this entry.  I had tears streaming down my face when I read it.  Hilarious.

My First Obligation for 2008

4 Jan

Okay, so it’s not really an obligation, but I feel like I should totally just suck it up and do it, so I’m going to freaking not complain (yeah right) and go ahead and do it.  First of all, “thank you so much” to Teri over at The Family Tree Junkie and to Two Lazy Dogs for being the first to tag me in 2008.  No, really, I’m “touched” and “tickled pink.”

First, the meme rules:

  • Link to the person that tagged you.
  • Post the rules on your blog.
  • Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
  • Tag six random people and the end of your post-link to their blogs.
  • Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
  • Let the fun begin!

So here we go. . .

  1. I don’t care for meme’s but feel obligated to comply.
  2. I am sleepy and would like a nap (so this isn’t a habit, nor is it a quirk, but it is a very unimportant fact that everyone should know).
  3. I hate it when people at work leave their computer monitors on after they leave for work.  Anytime I see one turned on, I go over and power it off.  Leaving all that nonsense on is bad for the environment.
  4. I don’t care for Project Runway.  It’s boring.  It’s dull.  Mama doesn’t likey.
  5. I spent 5 hours watching reruns of America’s Next Top Model.  This seems to be a new obession of mine.  I like to watch Tyra with her crazy eyes, and enjoy hearing her say stupid things.  It makes me happy when skies are gray.
  6. My dishwasher has been broken for 3 years.

There.  It’s done.  Not one single interesting thing up there.  Not one.  Take that, meme!  Now, let me apologize to the following individuals:

Amadeo, The Idea of Progress, The Ambiguous Blob, Cinnkitty, Mistress M, and Rambler.  Sorry kids, you’re it.