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It’s Blogger Sweeps Week, Baby!

31 Jan

No, it’s not a shameless rumor, I did in fact meet Pistols @ Dawn over at Save Your Generation in the flesh.  He has already posted his version of the exploits and I know you’re all waiting with bated breath for mine.  You’ll have to wait a little longer, I’m running out the door to catch a flight!


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30 Jan

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30 Jan

What is it about those little toiletry bottles in hotel rooms that instantly turn me into a horder?  Why do I need all that shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and mouthwash?  It’s not even little bottles of booze we’re talking about!!  When I arrived at the hotel the other night, I immediately took the lotion and jammed it in my purse, knowing full well that the next day housekeeping would have to give me a new one.  This morning I was about to do it again and stopped myself.  I have about 400 mini bottles at home and about 40 in my handbag (no wonder it weighs 2 tons), I don’t need another one.

And let’s talk about hotel showers.  It’s always a 50-50 shot as to whether the shower is going to be any good.  I was exceptionally pleased when I turned it on and saw that there was excellent pressure!  The temperature, however, was not so great.  It seems to only have 3 settings: freezing cold, scalding hot, and skin-blistering hot.  Good times, good times.

On The Road Again

29 Jan

How happy was I when my boss told me to pack my bags and come on down to sunny Florida for a few days?  Bye bye yucky cold weather.  So I’m here in the office taking a class and feel the need to tell you about my instructor:

Picture Bruce Jenner without all the plastic surgery or the terry cloth shorts.  Now, give him a lisp and you’ve got it!  Training with him for the next 2 days is going to be a total blast. 

At least it’s warm . . .

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28 Jan

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What’s Your Flavor?

25 Jan

In a riveting conversation with Cinnkitty yesterday we began pondering a very important matter.  Do muffin tops have flavors?

We think they do and we went ahead and decided upon clapberry and watersmellin.  Now, mine personally would be sunshine and roses, but that’s not funny.  Not even a little bit.  Instead, I’m going to go with a spicier more Mexican theme (seeing as how I’m Mexican and all).  My muffin top flavor is Sin-namon Man-go.  There you have it.

What’s your muffin top flavor?

Embracing My Inner Geek

25 Jan

I have found a way to pass the time!!  I’m playing Zork

Oh how I loved that game back when I was 12. . .

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25 Jan

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