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(ear)Budding Romance

20 Dec

Last week, after Foxy and I wrapped up some training, I received a message from one of the cute boys in the class.  He wanted to set up some time to have lunch with me under the guise that he needed a little bit of career guidance.  So we met this afternoon for lunch, and he wore a tie.  I commented on how professional he looked with his “little tie” and he said, “I wore it for you.”  We all know that this is code for, “I want you naked and sweating beneath me.”  Come on, just admit it.

Anyway, we sit down for lunch and left my ear starts bothering me.  It felt like I still had my tiny little headphones in my ear.  I reached up nonchalantly to check if I was really that stupid that I’d walk away without having taken them off.  Nope, nothing there.  10 minutes later I get that strange sensation and reached up again.  Still no earphone.  Strange.  It occurrs to me that I’m spending too much time listening to my ipod and maybe we need a little break.

Fast forward to about 10 minutes before the end of lunch.  I’m gathering all my stuff up and making a little pile, when I look down in front of me and notice the little foam cover from my earphones.  I picked it up and stared at it, panicked, thrust it at this young boy and asked, “Did this just fall out of my ear?” 

He looked stunned, “What?”

I shook the little earphone foam thingy in front of my face, “Did this, just fall out of my ear?”

He looked from me to the foam thingy and then back at me, “No.  I don’t know.  I didn’t notice anything falling out of your ear.”  He managed to keep a straight face while he said this.  Meanwhile, I was trying to prevent my face from turning 40 shades of red.

It’s always great to have something fall out of your ear while you’re in the middle of a “business” lunch.  Super times.

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20 Dec

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