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Damn it!

12 Dec

God freaking damn it!!  God damn it!!  Why oh why must Simone come along and ruin everything??  Why??  It’s incredible how she just manifests herself so freaking fast.  This morning I had nothing, and now a small volcano is going to erupt on my face.  I’m too old for this nonsense. 

Of course, I know why she’s here.  She always comes to town when something important is going on.  This Saturday I’m in a wedding.  She wanted to make sure to be included in all the god damned picture.  She always has to be in the damned spotlight.

Plus-and this is the one that makes me exceptionally enraged-there was this wicked hot guy in my training class today.  I’m talking wicked hot.  Like fire.  He had on this sweater that was clinging just right to all his muscles.  All I could think was how much I’d pay to be the sweater.  Of course it was difficult to flirt with freaking Simone taking over my face.  Thanks for ruining everything. . .again.

I hate you Simone.  I freaking hate you!