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And While We’re On the Subject

4 Dec

. . .of awards, I’d like to thank Pistols at Dawn for bestowing me with the Emu-zing Blogger Award.


Here’s the thing, Pistols at Dawn is emu-zing to me.  I am constantly amused by all he does.  If he didn’t have a mad case of the herp, I’d be all over him.  Can’t I just give it right back to you?  (The award, not the herp.)

In the tradition of passing it forward, just like the clap, I now bestow this prestigious award to The Idea of Progress.  You complete me.  I nearly peed myself when I read this.

I’m a Sexy Bitch

4 Dec

Never in a million years did I think that I would be titling one of my posts that way.  But guess what, bitches, I am one.  At least the divine Misstress M thinks so!  What makes it even better, is that Misstress M is definitely the sexiest blogger that I know!


It’s got to be all of my hot escapades in Mustangs are with Notebook.  It just has to be.  And so, dear loyal friends, let me now take the opportunity to pass it on. . .

Mr. Underhill: he’s a sexy bitch!  Check out his peen postings.  They’re hot!

Cinnkitty: come on, now.  Someone that engages in cleavage wars has to be a sexy blogger!

I now have to strut my stuff around the office and exude sexiness wherever I go. . .