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Protected: Pick Me!

21 Nov

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An Important Public Service Announcement

21 Nov

It’s important to have nice looking hands, this includes trimmed nails.  Do not, however, resort to trimming your nails at your desk during work hours.  That’s just not right.  It’s not.  You have a home, you should be trimming your nails there.  And don’t let me see you whipping off your shoe to trim your toe nails.  If this happens, I will beat you with your own shoe.

Thank you, and have a pleasant and polite day.


It Never Stops

21 Nov

I was going to let it go, I seriously was.  After all, how many postings can you do about jacked up search terms that somehow link to your blog?  Apparently, more than 2 is the correct answer.  Lord only knows how on God’s green earth the following terms led people here. . .

  • smokey knickers [this one is my absolute favorite

  • If any one needs me, I will be at TGIFs [Why?  Of all places?  Why TGIFs?]

  • puke extravaganza [Lola is threatening that I’ll be enjoying this on my birthday]

  • on behalf of my family I accept this award [Next time I win some blogging award, I’m totally going to start my posting with this.  I’m sure my mom would be so proud-especially if the award has to do with pathetic sad sackery or douchebaggery.]

  • colostomy and romance [what what what????]