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This Week’s Shocking Discovery

19 Nov

Apparently, I’m more pathetic than I realized.  Most of you, have said that I should just suck it up and call Mr. Mustang.  Aside from going against everything I believe in and thinking that I’m incapable of dialing out to a boy on my phone, there’s another major problem.  What on God’s green earth would I say??  This is how I imagine the conversation going:

  • Him: Hello? 

  • Me: Um, hi.  It’s Catherinette.

  • Him: Sorry.  Who?

  • Me: Catherinette. 

  • Him: [silence]

  • Me: From the other night. . .?

  • Him: [silence]

  • Me: We made out for 2 hours in the parking lot?
  • Him: Oh, right!  How’s it going?

  • Me: Good.  So, anyways, I saw you called me the other day and was just calling back.

  • Him: I did?  Oh, it must have been my nephew playing with my phone again.

  • Me: [Awkward silence] Oh . . .

I hate being me sometimes.

It’s A Classic Story

19 Nov

“Calling when you say you’re going to call is the very first brick in the house you are building of love and trust.  If he can’t lay this one stupid brick down, you ain’t never gonna have a house, baby.  And it’s cold outside.” -Greg Behrendt/Liz Tuccillo


It’s always the same story for me.  I fall for the guy and it never works out.

Boy meets at volunteer event.  Girl and boy flirt and then exchange numbers.  Girl sends boy text message but his phone is jacked up and never receives it.  Girl and boy meet up 2 weeks later and re-establish flirting.  Boy asks girl out.  Girls says yes even though she’s 33 and he’s just 25. Boy and Girl make out in her car, and then his yellow Mustang that are parked directly behind the bar for 2 hours.  Boy says he really wants to call girl the next day but says he thinks it’s too pathetic.  Girl tells him it’s not and he promises to call.  Boy and Girl part after he says he can’t wait to take her out. Boy calls the next day but doesn’t leave a message.  Girl sees there’s a missed call and then checks her phone every 15 minutes hoping that he’ll call back. Boy never calls girl again. Girl wonders why she fell for it again. FYI: I have problems.  Maybe therapy isn’t going as well as I thought it was. . .